A Controversial Issue
One controversial issue in America is the extreme amount of cases of police brutality. This shows that The USA is not as flawless as they want to be. We can take a look at the Ferguson riots that truly shows that there are still a lot of racism in the US. Even in the police, that are supposed to protect every civilian living in the country. Numbers shows that more African Americans are used violence against and killed by law enforcement officers than the white people in the US. This is unacceptable and cannot continue. The US government has to put an end to this. This a topic that hasn’t been talked about that much before the Ferguson riots, when the rest of the world finally got to see the truth of things. And that is a good thing, ‘cause now we see that the government start taking such cases more seriously. Police violence is getting more and more unacceptable, like things should be. Things are definitely turning better now. Things doesn’t get better if we have violent law enforcement officers in America, there is not good reason that they should walk free without a punishment for killing someone. If we take a look at Norway, who found out this some decades ago. We can see that they have much less crime than we have here in the US, and their police force does not use violence against criminals unless they are forced to it. Here in America, the police acts like they can just shoot you if you turn around or make a movement with your arm. They are pretty exaggerated in their use of violence, and especially against the afro American part of the population.
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