sir Arthur Roach
mrzuS4GloBKeJCdYUYtVMWw.jpgHello I', sir Arthur Roach, is a member of the royal fameli of great britan.

I live in the great city of London, her we have a castal, also caled Bucimham palece.
I usuly use my time with girls. There i have some rouls, nomber one: newer go out with the same girl twise. number two: A real man always pays. nomber tre: newer go out with a 7 or less. number four: you dont need to only be with one girl at one night. I love to live my life.

At this time there is a riot. the students in England are not happy with the leaders of the contry. The leaders want to take away the suportiv money to the students.

+++++To the leaders and the people
Dear Camron, and the rest of the leaders. I sir Arthur Roach, prince of the United Kingdom understand that you have to save money some way, but this is not the right way to go! Without that money to the students, many people will not have enough money to take an education. If young adults cannot take an education, England will have a less educated people. That means that we will lose money. If we lose money, what is then the point? So why do you do this?

There is one more question I have to the people. Why do you use violence to make a statement? Violence is never the answer to anything. Especially not for us as British citizens, we are sophisticated people. Therefore, there is no reason to behave like cave dwellers. I really hope that we can take a moment to think over all of this, think over what method we use to make over statements.

Therefore, overall I hope that the leaders make the right decision and stop this madness. I hope that they will give the students what they need and deserve. I also hop that all the students will stop with the violent demonstrations, its mutch better with peaceful demonstration. Pleas stop with the violence.

Malala fought for her rights to go to school. Because of this, the Taliban shot her. She was not actually allowed to go to school, but she did not cear. So one of the days she was shot on the bus. Miraculous she did survive. The reason she survived was that she was flown to England. In England she got the best treatment she cold ever get. But it was still a miracle that she survived. After all this her story was told around the world. She has written a bok called “I am Malala”. Malala has aso won a Nobel Prize for her work for womens right to an education.

Mandela fought against racism. He fought for the rights for black people. Of course, some people did not like what he did. Mandela was imprisoned for what he was doing. He sat in prison for 27 years. After he got out of prison, he was selected president of south Afrika. Mandela wrote a bok called “The road to fredom”. Mandela also won a Nobel Pice price for his work.

+++++Malala and Mandela
There are many similarities between Malala and Mandela. Both Malala and Mandela has fought for there rights. Bout of them had won a Nobel Pice Prise. Both of them have written a book, both of the books were self-biographies. Both of them were punished for what they tried to do at first. However, even though they have many things in Commune, they are not exactly the same. As for instance, Mandela was imprisoned, Malala on the other hand was shot in the head. While Mandela fought for black people’s rights, Malala fought for girl’s right to an education. There is also the fact that Malala is a girl and Mandela is a man.

In Ireland abortion Is a hot team, some people there are for it, but many are against it. In Ireland Abortion is illegal, so if you want to take an abortion you have to fly all the way to England to take it. Many people are against it because of religiose reasons. Ireland is a catholic country. I also have some meanings in this aria. My meaning is that people that take an abortion should be punished. When they take an abortion, they take away somebodies life. That is against gods will, if god approved abortion he would not bless a girl with a child. Some might say that it is not a big deal because the child doesn’t feel or is not fully developed, but that wold be the same as killing a newborn Childe. If that is not wrong, I don’t know what is.

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