Brian Henderson

About Brian aka K.O

Hello! My name is Brian Henderson aka K.O! I am a 25 years old man! I was born in 15th of May 1969 in Cape Town, South Africa (the year is now 1994. The reason I am not black is because both my parents are white… I am very strong, that's why i'm called K.O, because I can throw you out of the world. I can beat up god, but it would be weird if I were to beat up myself. ;)
My best friend is Hannah Rachii, and we are in a rebellion called K.O. It's named after me.

About South Africa and Cape Town

Hannah and I live in Cape Town. To me it's the most beautiful city in the world.

This is what i can do.


Apartheid is the African word for "seperate". Apartheid is a system of racial segregation that started in 1948. It was launched through the National Party ior NP. It seperated the blacks from the white, something i didn't agree on.


In the declaration of independence it says that all men are created equal. I think that statement from Thomas Jefferson was one of the biggest lies in history… ALL men are created equally, no matter what the colour of their skin might be. Even though Thomas Jefferson was a great man, him and even George Washington were slave owners. I am not like all the other “whites”. My parents taught me not to judge people for their colour of their skin. I see people everyday getting killed for the colour of their skin, and I am beginning to realise that we need a revolution.

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