The Americans like to think that they are the best at everything. Me who have lived here for a long time now has seen the true side of the US, and it’s not as perfect as they would like it to seem. When I and the other girls are out working at night, we often get showed away by the police, and they aren’t really gently when they do it. If we don’t go our way at once, we get arrested and get charged for disturbance of the peace. There needs to be big changes in the police in America. They are supposed to apprehend the law, not be the law. They act like they can do whatever they like without getting punished for it. If you try to resist arrest in America, you are shot almost immediately. This type if police brutality is just unacceptable. They play with people’s lives, as if they’re worth nothing. This need’s to be changed, as fast as possible. Before anymore innocent people are shot and killed.
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