Controversy From Within

Although I think of myself as a proud American citizen, although some people won't ackowledge me as a 100 percent American citizen. It's a common conception that Americans can't stay out of any other countries business. As a former S.WAT member I have first hand knowledge about this controversy that's shrouding the American army forces. The American people and many other people know that Americans are too involved when it comes to other countries, I personally think that many of my batallion's missions were unjustified and not needed. We lost many men in Pakistan and Irak, I watched my friends whom had become my family get shot in front of me.


I remember getting clear and calm instructions from the president himself to put down a high value target called Saddam Hussein. We already had loads of information about him. We were briefed about what we would be doing, where we would be meeting the other teams and how we would be executing the mission. They told us that he was a threat to national society.

At another point in time we were stationed at the border of Pakistan, we were keeping Pakistani citizens from escaping over the border. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do occured at Pakistani border, being a border patrol is always hard and sometimes you are going to have to put down some frustrated and shortminded people. I remember having to shoot a woman because she was trying to sneak past us. I shot her and an eerie silence set on the border. I had shot people before, but this time it was different. Two Pakistani children ran to their mother screaming and crying as she was laying there lifeless, I remember running back to the camp and not speaking to anyone for days on end. Some things are not worth the trouble when it comes to warfare.

The controversy that America has been radiating has made many different countries with many different ethnicities angry at America. I really can't determine what the right train of thought is, but my understanding of the subject is that America could calm down and focus more on the intern problems that the citizens have to live through every day.

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