About Me

hello, guys my name is Dan Lovely, i am 39 years old. I grew up in Queens, New York. My mom was 15 years when she gave birth to me, she was also a dealer and a lesbian, so i am an only child. My mom died from a gass accident. I moved to my grandparents, where my eight aunts and uncles lives to. I started getting used to the streetlife, so i began boxing when i was 11 years old so i could protect myself. I started selling drugs and i told my grandparents i where on school. In the years that followed i got shot. On April 24, 200 i got attacked by a man with a gun. The man was asian. Nine shots got fired. I was shot in the arm, hip, both legs, chest and left cheek. I dont know why he shot me, maybe because of drugs or color, i dont know. But i did not die, i am still alive. And i am a famous rapper now, so life goes on. My rapper name is 50 Cent.


I grew up in the ghetto in queens, New York. Queens may be fine, but it is not exactly a family friendly coat when there is a lot of drugs, shooting and stealing. If I could change or fix some things in Queens, it would be safety. I think that they should be an alarm button or something similar in every house, so when it rings the police comes right away.

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