David Deco

This is me

Hello, I am David Deco. I am fourteen years old, and i live in Columbine in USA. I live in a beautiful little house with my mom, Gabriella and she is 42 years old, my dad John and he is 48 and my little brother who is 3 years old. I have been a very angry boy for a long time, i hate the black people who coming in to my country and think that this country is their homeland.


Columbine is a very nice place to live, I like the city and my friends here. There is a skatepark near where i live. This city was a very quiet district, until the terrible happened. Tuesday 20th april 1999 on Columbine High School, I had been angry for a very long time, so when I went to school that morning I had a gun in my pocket.
When the clock was half past eleven, were all in the cafeteria because it was lunch. Finally I had all in one room and now everything could begin.
I went up on one of the tables in the cafeteria, and held the gun at one of the students. I really hate that guy, i hate him more than words can describe. I began shooting wildly around me and when the clock struck one, it was not a sound in the school. I walked around the school to hear if I heard someone, I had the gun in hand in case I met someone. I looked out the window and saw the police stood outside the school. I began to be red for what the consequences of what I had done would be. If I had to guess I'd killed over 20 innocent students and 10 teachers.

In my life i have been very lucky, I knew I was going to be punished by the police and the rest of the city. But I did not know how punishment or how long it was going to be. When I finally came out of the building, the police came running towards me. After six months I finally got my punishment. I got six months in prison, and one community sentence when I come out of prison.

The road to freedom

Hello, my name is David Deco. I think all of you know me already, or think that you know me. You probably have used much time of your life thinking about how much you hate me. When I write this speech I will be in prison. I know that what i did was my fault. But how in heaven sake did an angry fourteen year old boy get a hold of a gun!? Well, since it is allowed to have guns at home in my country, all people in USA have one in their home. I can not think of any good argument to have a gun in your home. There have been many discussions and cons weapons, but it is incredible enough allowed having weapons at home in their own house yet.
My father had hidden the gun in the wardrobe, I had long known that it was there. I had promised myself that I should not take it until the day I cracked. I could not do it anymore. I was so tired of the black people everywhere on my school, this was my country and my home! My opinion is that no one should be allowed to have a gun at home, such that children and people who should not have access to this, do not get it. I know that everything that happened was my fault, and I regret more than words can say. Words can not describe how much I regret. I can not say anything more than that i regret.

Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks

Malala Yousafzai

Malala was born 12th of july 1997, in Pakistan. She grew up in the Swat-district in northwest in Pakistan. Malala Yousafzi was awarded the Nobel peace price in 2014, she was 17 years old then. Malala fought for girls rights to go to school. She was the youngest price winner in the world. Malala was a student with a blog when she became known in 2009. 9, October 2012, when she still was just a little child, Malala was shot in the head by a terrorist. Nobody thought she would survive, but she did. That was a miracle.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Louise Parks was born 4th of Febuary in 1913, in Alabama, and she died 24th October 2005. She was a Afro-American seamstress, who fight for the racism in USA. Back in the day in USA it was very much racism, and the bus was divided into two, the black and the white side. 1th of December 1955, in Montgomery in Alabama, she refused to give her seat to a white man. The withe man demanded to have the seet because the "white side" of the bus was full. The reason for this was that she was tired of being treated like that, she believed that all should have equal rights. After this Parks was arrested, convicted and imprisoned. In 2001 she dedicated a park and a museum in Montgomery.


Malala and Rosa

Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks compared to another, the first thing they have in common is that they both are girls, and they where very young when they started to fight for themselves. Malala fight for girls right to go to school, to get an education and to learn something different than how to get your house clean. When Malala grew up there was no sure thing that the girls got to go to school, it was just the boys who had right to go to school. Normaly girls was at home with their moms helped to clean the house and make food to the rest of the family. Malala thought that this was unfair, she wanted to learn. Her biggest dream was to learn to write and read. She began to fight for her opinion and look how far she is come now. Rosa Parks fight for the black peoples humen rights. She believed that all should have the same rights, no matter what race they belonged. Almost no one had dared and said no to a white person, ever. But the day Rosa sat on the bus and a white man said she had to move out because he had more right on the space than she had, because he was white and she was black, she could not this discrimination anymore. She said no to the white man, she refused to move.

Both Malala and Rosa did not just fight for themselves, they also fight for the people. Malala fight for girls, and Rosa fight for that all people in the world should have equal rights. I think that the reason why they fight for this was that they saw that many people was not agree that only boys should have right to got to school and the way black people was treated, but these two were the only ones brave enough.


Malala Yousafzai and Rosa Parks have done some amazing things who has changed the world. They stood up for the things they touhgt was unfair and did something about it. It is very important that the world have people like Malala and Rosa, they both is brave enough to do something like that. They take risks, risks being to be killed, jail and and terrible things. But they did it, and they should be very proud of themselves.


Abortion is a huge theme in USA, but also in the rest of the world. What is the problem that there is a possibility? There are differing opinions on this topic, like all other themes. Many people think that abortion is just the same as killing a human, but others think that when people take an abortion the child has not developed enough, so "the mother" kills nothing. Abortion is a theme with many points of view, but the most positive side is if a girl get raped, and she do not want the baby because she may be not know who the father is, or that she thinks she is to young, she has a possibility. If abortion was illegal in her country she did not have any other choice but to have this baby. She could of course go to another country to take an abortion, but if she was young or poor or just do not have the opportunity to travel to another country she have no opportunity. If the mother had to take this child and and raising her/he, when the child gets older he or she will begin to ask questions about the father, what is the mom supposed to say then? The mother also need to look at this child she got out of a rape of a completely strange man. A negative side about abortion is that many use it instead of contraception. Many thinks to easy about it, you have to be careful of what you do. When you are old enough to have sex, you are also old enough to understand the consequences that can happen. Abortion is not something you can think at, as a contraceptive, abortion is something that is very vulnerable and sad for some people. I believe that abortion is a great opportunity, but if you want to take an abortion should think carefully about. Is this right? I really do not want this kid? And what is the reason that I will not have this baby? If you only use abortion as a contraceptive should really think about it too, because it is not a good thing to do. Then you should get some other contraception.
I think that abortion should be allowed in all countries, especially considering this with rape. But I also thought that one should have a reason why you do not want this kid, it does not need to be any reason to be approved, but something you write to yourself, so that you are aware of what you actually do.

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