Diana Mzembe!

Hello my name is Diana Mzembe and I come from a little village in Norway called Hell. Hell is usually beautiful and calm, but unfortunately it's way too hot in the summer. Since moving to America I've missed living in Norway quite a bit.
Since moving to Washington DC. I've also acquired some new interests like surfing, skating and cooking. These are all considered to be cool and interesting over here, but in Hell, Norway it would've been considered wierd. Oh! I almost forgot some important information about myself, I'm a 29 year old female with some minor speech issues.

I am also extremely concerned about money. My slogan at my acoutanting job is "HOLLA HOLLA GET DOLLA!" $ $ $ $

My adress is 1292 Ohio Avenue. My phone number is 46 85 51 33.


I should probably not be telling you this but I worked in the 6th S.WAT batallion for a few years. All the other information is classified, seeing as we performed many top secret missions throughout the years.

Far away from home

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