Far Away From Home

Far Away From Home:
So living in America isn't really as much like a walk on roses as you would think, I've recieved my fair share of mean comments because of my characteristic Norwegian looks. Although making friends was hard after my time in the army, I've finally seemed to get a hang of the American gangsta slang. Like "yo yo waddup doe bro, holla holla get dolla" and such. Hence my accounting slogan. I've made 2 friends, Hugo Deco and Kendra Ihimaera. They are both amazing people, but I guess you could say Kendra is a bit manly, and it's fair to say that Deco is a bit pixelated. We often get called the "GoonSquad" by outsiders of our group.


I remember the times before I met my crew, I was insecure and scared of the big life here in Washington DC.
I remember walking down the street staring at people who just quite simply fit in no matter what they wore or what they looked like, granted none of them were a 90 year old employed ex-marine desperately looking for friends. Sometimes it's hard missing my friends back in Norway. I went from living in a barn in Norway to living in a small time apartment in Washington DC.

Baby steps, baby steps.

Mlala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King

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