Franny Clegg

Hi there, i'm Franny!

I'm 22 years young, and i live in Bellingham, WA, USA. Now at the first look i may look like a super-fit,- bikini,- fashion-model. - JK! I have a bachelor in information technology, which I took at Bellingham University, computing school. I was born and raised in Washington D.C. by my parents, Phil and Emily Cregg. I have a sister, Nancy, and she spend most off her time offshore working on oil rigs. Enough about her!

By the age 18 I moved to Bellingham to study at the university. It is a 3-year bachelor without specification. 4 years with specification, which I soon will take. It currently gives a decent income, so I don’t really stress about that extra year.

At the moment I live with my boyfriend, who also studies, in a big house, which I inherited by my grandmother, Elisa.



How many times haven’t we seen these police-videos go viral in the news, newspapers and social medias? The caption text is always something like “Police Officer Hitting Innocent Man/Dog/Kid”. Many speculates in whether the police is doing a good job or not, and especially whether police officers are racist and/or corrupted.


Lets take a glimpse on what we’re dealing with. Why do we have the police, the enforcement of law? What are the police supposed to do? Well, first of all, to understand the police department’s tasks, we have to know why. USA got 50 separate states, each state got their own law book. Which again would say that that there are 50 respectively law books in total. Nevertheless, there are some common laws. These would be basic rights, for example that stealing is illegal and killing someone is a crime. I’m not going trough all laws, from here we can look at the power of law.

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