Geordina Henderson

Hello. My name is Geordina Henderson. The best time in my life was in 1888, when i murdered at least five prostitutes in London. I never got caught, and this made a huge riot in the world, especially in London. It is 127 years since i completed my actions, and I have laid my past behind me, and now I am living my perfect life in Norway. I am 157 years old, and I am born in 1858. I grew up in East London with my family, and my dad was an ingeneer, and my mom was a nanny. My siblings, Maria, Gerd and Kristoffer died some years ago. They were born many years before me, and soon it will be my turn.

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Who am I?

Hello, my name is Geordina Henderson. In 1888, I did something that changed my life. I murdered at least five prostitutes because they were a scourge to humanity. They sold themselves for money, and just sat on the street. I need to tell you, that what I did, I did it for my own best and all of you.
Now, I sit on the couch together with my boyfriend. We are discussing how my actions changed London and Whitechapel. People was afraid of going alone, especially in Whitechapel where I performed my actions.
I don’t regret since I never got chough. My passion was to kill prostitutes, and that changed me as a person. I planned the actions for at least one year, so it was no problem to complete them. I was all alone, and after what I did almost every police officer in London tried to catch me.
I feel bad for people. I also have feelings, I care for others even though it does not seems like I do. After I killed these ladies, I never would do it again. I couldn’t confess. I’m so sorry. Even I don’t regret, I feel a little bit bad. Now in 2015, people still are afraid of going alone in Whitechapel, and they still are still searching after evidence.

Malala and Nelson Mandela


Malala Yousafzai was born on July 12, 1997, in Mingora, Pakistan. On October 9, 2012, a man from Taliban shot Malala when she was traveling home from school. She survived, and has continued to speak out on the importance of education. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, but didn't win. In 2014 she was nominated again, and this time she wan. Malala is also an author, and in 2013 her book, “I AM MALALA” was published. She fought for girls rights to education and freedom.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela grew up in South Africa in 1918, and died in 2013. He was South Africa’s first black president. In 1993 Nelson Mandela wan the Nobel Peace Prize. His passion was freedom and equality. He was imprisoned for 27 years by the South African apartheid government. He didn’t commit a crime, he fought against government that was committing egregious human rights abuses against black South Africans.

Malala and Nelson Mandela

Malala is a girl, and Nelson is a man. The different between these two is that Nelson Mandela was discriminated because he was black, while Malala experiments discrimination because she is a girl. Since Malala said her meanings, Taliban shot her in the head. After the attack, her meanings and what she stood for came out to the people. She fought for her life at the same time she fought for girls rights to education.
They both fought for their rights and other human’s rights without using violence. They fought not only for themselves, but also for other humans in the same position. Malala fought for girl’s right to education, and Mandela fought for black people rights. In 1993, Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize, and Malala wan in 2014.
Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s first black president and he became a symbol for peace and equality nationally and internationally. Malala also has become a symbol for peace and equality nationally and internationally, but in another way. Her passion is girl’s rights for education, and Mandela’s passion was the human rights for black people.
Mandela was one of the leaders of African National Congress and he was imprisoned for his opposition to the apartheid regime in over 27 years.
Instead of put Malala in jail, Taliban shot her in the head. She almost died, and I think that for Malala, that she felt almost the same way as Mandela did when he was in prison.Malala perhaps felt like she was in jail, even though she was not there then she felt prisonerd.She had to fight for her life, and that did Mandela in jail.
Mandela has had greater influence than Malala because Nelson Mandela's passion spread worldwide, and Malala’s actions only came out to girls who wasn’t treaded right. Girls without education. However, Malala has affected the world, but Mandela has done it a little bit more.

They have done good things, and they are still doing good things. They have changed the world in a good way, and we need people like them because we are some cowardly humans. They took a big risk doing their thing, and it ended where them wanted it to end. They compleded their actions even thoght they got hurt. Even thought their fought for different things, they both fought for justice and what they thought was right.


Abortion in Ireland

I am going to talk about abortion, in particular in Ireland but also abortion world wide. Abortion is a huge theme world wide, and some people maybe thinks that abortion is to kill an unborn child who cant’ defend themselves, and some people thinks that when the abortion is performet the fetus isn’t something.

In Ireland, abortion is illegal unless the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman. If you don’t want the baby, you have to travel to another country where abortion is legal. But should abortion be legal if the baby is sick or we found out that the baby has severe disabilities? We should do the best for the baby and the mother, and I think we all can agree with that the best for them booth is to take an abortion if the mother wants one. I also thinks that if the mother cannot take an abortion because it is illegal, the baby don’t going to have a very good life. Maybe he or she will fell unwanted or the mother won’t take good care of the baby.
Why is abortion illegal?

Ireland is a Catholic country and that means they are against abortion. Catholics are strong opponents of abortion. No matter which religion you are a part of, abortion is illegal. The Catholics is running the country, and they passed the abortion law.
The fact that abortion is illegal can cause many problems in the Republic of Ireland. Unsafe illegal abortions is only one of them. Other problems may include; rape and assault victims, having to carry the babies of their assaulter or rapist, and unwanted teenage pregnancies.
Many girls and women in Ireland can’t afford to travel to England for an abortion. How can they afford to raise a child? The child would not have a good childhood when mother doesn’t want to have them, and cannot afford their clothes or a good house or a place to live. Young girls who get’s pregnant maybe can’t finish their education because the “bosses” in their home country has decided that abortion is illegal. Rules like that really can destroy a young girls life.

If this young mother don’t know who the father of her baby is, and maybe decides to give it away to some other people who maybe doesn’t either want it, it is better to let it be unborn than let it live without knowing who their parents was.
My personal opinion of abortion is that no one should decide if you are going to take care of the baby, or if you want to take an abortion. My opinion is also that it should be a time limit for abortion, and the deadline is there gets not completed the abortion unless lives are in danger

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