Hannah Rachii

About me:

Hello, my name is Hannah Rachii.

I am a 25 year old man from Cape Town, South Africa. I was born 28 of january 1969 in Cape Town, South Africa. My dad is american and my mother is from Cape Town. I don't have that many friends, but the one friend I have is a very good one. His name is Brian Henderson. We fight against the apartheid. The apartheid has been in my country for as long as i can remember, and even longer then that. We are a group of people who fight against the government. I have been fighting for the freedom of my people all my life and we are the right way to victory.
The people on the streets, and all over the country call us The KO rebelion.


South Africa

The aapartheid have been here in South Africa since 1948, and now we are in the year 1994. The government is rasict against black people. The people who are white or the people who are from europe are living a very good life. The black people can't choose where to live, where to shop, and where to work. They can't choose any thing for themselves.


We in this country, we can’t do what we want. We can’t by what house we want, or go to the store we like. It is the government that decides what happens to us. We can’t get the best jobs, even though we have the right education. This have to change. We should not be treated this way. We should get to do what we want to, we should get to go to our favourite store, or our favourite cinema. The white people who live in our country it not worth more that us. We are all equal. We should all have the same rights. I ask my self. Y u do dis? And the only answers I can think of is that they think that they are better than us. After all this time of Apartheid I think that it should be over by now. It has been to many innocent people getting hurt, and killed by this.
We are all equal.

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