Hugo Deco

Name: Hugo Deco

Race: Nord

Age: 17

Occupation: Freelance journalist/Soldier of Fortune

Location: Whiterun, Province of Skyrim, Tamriel

Political views: Stormcloak

About me:
I am 17 year old male Nord living in Whiterun, Skyrim. I have exstensive training in hand to hand combat. Escpecially in the use of one handed swords combined with shields. I also have an eduacation in writing and reading. Skyrim is not a friendly place, Civil wars, bears, Bandits and cutthroats. All this makes it absolutely necessary to be trained in the art of combat. When not fighting foul beasts, i enjoy reporting world happenings. Often, I find myself in the midst of battle trying to get a good story. I am by the way against the Empire, I dont want Skyrim to be under imperial control. Skyrim was founded by the nords, and therefore it belongs to the nords.

About my Country: Skyrim, Tamriel

The Civil war in Skyrim

A few days ago, Ulfric Stormcloak killed the high king of Skyrim, Torygg. Ulfric alledgedly did this as an act of rebellion against the Empire. Tamriel consists of many countries, Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Valenwood, Elsweyr, Black Marsh, Morrowind, High Rock and Hammerfell. The empire wants a united Tamriel. But not everyone approves of this. Because of Ulfric Stormcloak`s recent actions, many have joined him and formed an army. This army is known simply as the "Stormcloaks". The Stormcloaks fights for the independence of Skyrim and have established military headquarters in Windhelm, a city located in north east of Skyrim. Basically, it is Imperial forces against Rebel forces. A Civil war.

Written by Hugo Deco, 5th day of Heartfire, 4E 201

Some words to fellow nords:

Skyrim is a cold land, with towering mountains and a tundra filled with life. We have beautiful cities and good livestock. Life here was good. But then the Empire started meddling in our business. Traveling all the way from Cyrodiil to claim our country as theirs.
They have no right to do this. We must fight them and drive them out. Those imperialistic bastards have most surely picked the wrong people to mess with! Everyday, Nords are streaming to the recruiting offices of the stormcloaks in Windhelm. But the imperial barracks of Solitude are also experiencing increased number of volunteers.

These volunteer are Nords just like you and me. But these Nords are betraying their own lands. It is of great importance that you pledge allegiance to the Stormcloaks, we are the ones who will liberate Skyrim, we will sweep our lands clear of imperial scum. Their military strength may be greater than ours, but our battle morale is far greater than theirs! This war will only increase in intensity and it is unavoidable! All you can do, is to pick up swords and fight against the Empire. We need every able bodied man and woman to do this, because the empire will not stop until all of Tamriel is united under their regime.

Written by Hugo Deco, 6th day of heartfire, 4E 201.

Malala and Gandhi comparison


Malala was 15 years old when she was shot in the head by a Taliban insurgent one day after school. She was riding a bus with her classmates, the bus stopped and a man entered and yelled out "Where is Malala?". No one answered, but everyone look at Malala, the only girl in there who had not covered her face. The man pulled a Colt 45 semi-automatic pistol and fired 3 shots. The first bullet went trough Malala`s left eye socket, and the two other bullets struck the girl next to her. Eventually, Malala recovered from her wounds and proceeded to fight for equality and education with even more determination than before. She was nominated for the nobel price, but did not win.


Gandhi was an indian human rights activist who fought for the freedom and indepence for India. Like Malala, Gandhi used non violent methods. He brought people with the same views as himself together so that they could protest against the english empire.

Comparison between the two freedom fighters:

Malala and Gandhi has a lot in common, but there are also differences. The main difference is that Malala is female, while Ghandi was male. They both stood against inequality and oppression. They both used non violent ways to further their cause.

Police officers harassing black people

Lately there has been lots of reports coming from the United States that police officers are harassing black people just because of their skin color. Earlier this year, a black person was shot dead by a white police officer and people claim that the officer had no right to do so. They claim that the police officer pulled the trigger because of prejudice. Yesterday, april seventh, twothousand- and fifteen, This alledgedly happened again. 50 year old african-american coastguard veteran and father of 4,Walter L. Scott, was shot in the back 6 times by Patrolman 1st Class Michael T. Slager (33). The police officer claimed that he feared for his life, and that he had to "neutralize" the threat. Scott was by the way, shot in the back while running away. What kind of person shoots someone in the back 6 times?.

Why is it that so many black people are getting shot by white police officers? What can we do to stop this? This is what i am going to discuss in this post.

When the american declaration of independence was signed in 1776, importing black skinned people from africa was very common. Blacks were used as slaves, and did all the dirty work that white people did not want to do. This continued until the american civil war of 1861 to 1865.

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