Justin Henderson

This is me

My name is Justin Henderson and I'm 32 years old. I live in the United States and I have lived here my whole life. My mom is an ingineer and my dad a veteran and works at home. I have a little sister which is 22 year old, and she lives in Cambridge where she is studying at Cambridge university. And my stepbrother Winnie Ihimaera who is a senior officer, and he also joined the military after 9.11. And now I am a soldier who fights in Syria.


Hi, Im Justin Henderson and I’m an American soldier who tries to help Syria by fighting the war. Both my dad and my stepbrother has been a soldier, and my stepbrother still is. Since I was a little boy I wanted to help people, and because my dad once was a soldier, I got inspired to become one too. He is the one that made me understand how important it is to help people in need. However, I think it is kind of sad that it isn’t more people that wants to help other by doing this. My opinion is that we in the USA needs to learn more from example Norway and let more immigrants get into our country. We need to do something that can make a change in Syria. If Syria needs help to get through in these difficult times, we will be the ones that tries our best to make it easier for them to survive! We have the ability to do that, however we are stronger together.

Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Malala Yousafzai

Malala was born 12th of July 1997. She is a living proof that a person can make a positive change in the world without using violence. She insisted on her right to get education and refused to get bullied when the Taliban took control over the Swat Valley in Pakistan. She wrote a diary for the BBC about her life under oppression, and then in October she got shot in the head by a terrorist when she was in her way home. She finally got the Nobel peace prize in 2014 after losing in 2013. Malala fought for women’s right for education.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born 18 of july 1918 in Myezo and died December 2013. Nelson was the first black president of South-Africa. He was imprisoned for 27 years by the South African apartheid government, not because he committed a crime but because he fought for freedom and equality. He spent a lot of his time in Robben Island. Nelson has not been treated the right way. However, he is a very strong man that has been important to the black people especially.


First of all Malala is a woman and Nelson is a man. Malala and Nelson did not just fight for themselves, but also for the people. They though that things were not the way that they were supposed to be, and they were not satisfied when things were unfair. Therefore, they did something about it. Not with violence, which many think is the wrong way. They did it the ‘’right’’ way, because they thought that peaceful protesting was better than the violent. Malala fought for girls’ education and Nelson fought for the black people’s rights. Therefore, there is a difference between them. Malala fought for girls while Nelson fought for both female and male. However, both of them were shot, and they have experienced some horrible things. Malala experienced discrimination and Nelson was put in jail because he was black. Another difference is that Nelson Mandela was fighting in the 1900 while Malala is still doing a great job. Nelson did something that may have made a bigger difference in the world compared to what Malala did. Still, Malala has done something big that have changed the world. After all, Malala and Nelson did something very brave. And I hope that these two have inspired other people. No not fight with violent, but the peaceful way. Fight with the pen like Malala did, or with words.


Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai have done and Malala is still doing a very good things. It is important for the world that people like them exist. Not many people is brave enough to do what they did, but if no one takes this risk, there is not going to end the way they want to. Problems like racism and discrimination would have still been a problem if no one did something about it. Therefor the world is thankful for people like Nelson has existed, and that people like Malala still exist.


This is a huge theme, not just in the USA, but also in the whole world. However, what is the issue about it? Many thinks that abortion is the same as killing a human. Others think that when people take abortion, the child has not developed enough that we can say we are killing something. In summary, there are plenty of sides when we think about abortion. The most positive side is; if a girl gets raped, and abortion is an optional, she do not need to worry about having a child that she didn’t plan to have. In addition, if abortion were not a choice, she would have had to carry a rapist child. Moreover, how awful isn’t that? And how are this girl supposed to tell her child that the father is actually a rapist. Of course, she does not have to tell the child that, but the mother has to look at her child and repeatedly se the man that raped her.
A negative side about abortion is that many uses it instead of contraception. That is not the right way to think about abortion. People have to be careful and think about their actions. However, abortion is not an easy decision to make, so people should not think; ‘’well, well, I could just take abortion if something goes wrong’’. Abortion can cause psychological damage and many are struggling with depression after a decision like abortion. On the other hand, fetuses do actually feel pain under an abortion. Therefore, you do not only hurt yourself, but also the fetus.
Abortion is a great option if they find out that the baby has abnormalities and may not be able to live a normal life. Or if the baby is not capable of the world and will not survive. If abortion was not an option and the baby seem to have abnormalities then the mother may not be strong enough to handle it. Yes, it can give other people the chance to have a baby (adoption), but that can damage the child psychically.
Because of all this, it is very important to have clear rules for abortion, that way people cannot misuse it. On the other hand, it could be essential to have a talk with the girl/lady that is contemplating abortion and make sure that she knows about all of the pros and cons. That way maybe she take the risk by having the baby or the risk by abortion. The decision may be easier for her when she knows a lot more about what abortion could do with her or the fetus.

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