Manfred Silko

Hello! My name is Manfred Silko and I'm from The United States of America. I was born in Salt Lake City in 1984.

I'm luckilly married to my wife Manny Silko and we live in Vail, Beaver Creek.

Vail is the biggest wintersport area in the USA and it's located in the state of Colorado.

We are both alpine skiiers! I also like surfing, traveling and free-skiing.

Fights against the racism

In the recent past, there have been many riots due to an eighteen year old Afro-American boy who was shot and killed by a white policeman. There have been major demonstrations and more than 400 protesters has got arrested. The policeman who shot the boy, escaped punishment, and this has created many reactions. The Afro-American people feel exposed to racism and therefore they have demonstrated. Especially after the incident.

The incident where the boy was shot, took place in Ferguson. In Ferguson, most of the policemen are white. And statistics show that there are several dark-skinned people in prison in the USA. What is the reason?

People have to change their attitude. Just because one person is dark-skinned, does not mean that he or she is a criminal person or are not as worthy as any other person. People need to changer their view on the dark-skinned people. We all know that African people were used as slaves earlier, but it is not like that anymore.

There have been a lot of progress in America the recent years, but there is still a long way to go. America has Barack Obama as the president, and that is a good thing.

The road to freedom

Malala Yousafzai
- Pakistani school student
- Fighting for women’s rights
- Women’s right to an education
- Was shot because she protested against injustice
- Author
- Winner of Nobel’s Peace Price

Martin Luther King jr.
- American Baptist Minister
- Fought for civil rights
- Fighted against racism
- Had the speech “I have a dream”
- Winner of Nobel’s Peace Price
- Wanted the same rights for all regardless skin color or background

Malala Yousafzai is a pakistani girl born in 1997. She have been fighting for girls right of an education. Where she comes from, girls does not have the freedom of speech. Because of that, she was shot in the head by Taliban, only fifteen years old. She survived miraculously. She gave out a book in 2013 and she won the Nobel's peace price in 2014.

Martin Luther King jr. was educated priest. He was one of the contributes of starting the group Southern Christian Leadership Conference. They fought for black peoples rights. After the march to Washington, King held the speech "I have a dream" to the whole assembly. The speech got known in the entire world and because of that he got very known. Martin Luther King jr. got the Nobel's peace price in 1964 because of his work.

They both got the price because of fighting for people's rights. Malala is fighting for girls right to speech. King was fighting for black people's rights.

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