Hey! I'm Manny Silko, I live in the United States of America. I was born in Michigan in 1984.

I am married to my lovely husband Manfred Silko, we live in Vail, Beaver Creek.

We both love skiing!

This year (2014) it is protests in a lot of big cities because a police officer shot a 18 year old black boy in Ferguson…

Now, over 400 have been arrested as the riots that started in Ferguson has spread all over the country.

No justice – no peace

A police officer in Ferguson shot 18-year-old Mike Brown 9 times. Mike Brown was unarmed, but the police officer said he was a threat. People in Ferguson started to get upset, and the riots began. It spread in big parts of USA and we supported them. I do not know if he shot him because he was Afro-American, but this was wrong and the police officer had no reason to shot him
We joined the riots
Walked in the streets, yelling “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE”.
We prayed for his family and with his family
We lighted candles
We supported their case.
Why would a police officer shoot a young man 9 times?
A positive thing here in America, is that we have a black president. I think many people see that we are all equal human beings whether we are black or white.
Still we should change many people’s attitudes about black people, I know we have a culture where blacks use to be slaves and had no rights, but we live in a time where everybody needs to be treated equally. We should all work with ourselves and our attitudes to people that are “different” from us.
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Malala Yousafzai was born in 1997 in Pakistan; she is only 17 years old. Yousafzai fights for women rights in Pakistan and against Taliban; she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. First she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, but didn’t get it. Malala is the youngest person ever to win this. She started to stand up and fight when she was young. She wrote a blog on BBC when she was 11 years old; this was about how life was under Taliban’s occupation. She wanted girls to have a good life, and just as much opportunities and rights as boys. In 2012, someone shot her in the head from Taliban. This was when the eyes of the world came on her. She did not stop fighting after this; she raised again and kept fighting. She has also won other prizes like “Catatonias international prize” and “Sakharov prize”.

Martin Luther King JR was born in 1929 in Georgia and died in 1998. As a young boy, he wanted to be a priest, and educated for that. He fought for black people rights in America, and was the leader of a group that fought for the civil rights. He had watched his father refuse to bend for the rules that was for blacks, and Martin did this himself. In later years, he had the speech “I have a dream” and after that he got famous. In 1964, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Both of the fought for people that are being suppressed by the society they live in, in a non-violent way. Malala fought for woman and Luther for black people. They have both won the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is one person fighting for everyone (of course they support her), but Martin was the leader of a group and had many people behind his back. She “worked” in Pakistan and he “worked” in America. They were both shot, unfortunately, Martin died and luckily, Malala survived. They are/were two strong people fighting for what they think is right, and did something great for a lot of people in need.

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Abortion is an issue that we discuss a lot here in America. Some say that it is wrong to do it, but many say that it is an opportunity every woman should have.

Abortion is a brutal thing to do. If woman can choose to this at any time, it would be many lives taken just because they are not careful enough. Think about it, you can take a human life at any time. The father of the child has nothing to say these days. Maybe they have planned to have a child, break up and then the mother take abortion. The father has just as much ability to take care of the child as the mother today, but he has nothing to say in this case. So should woman have the right to remove their children from the world?

This is an argument that has two sides, and I wonder shouldn’t we as women decide over our own body? We can’t be forced to carry and give birth to a child that we don’t want. In today’s society there are too much raping, if a woman get pregnant because of a rape, think of how terrible it will be for this woman to carry a child of a rapist…

Every woman should fight for their rights, step up and show their voices. All of us have the right to decide over our own body, and nobody should try to change this. I am a woman, and I refuse to be dominated by others decisions.

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