Ravi Longa

Hello my name is Ravi Longa and i am 29 years old. I am a proffesional football player from England. I live in the old city Liverpool. I have lived in liverpool my entire life. My passion is to get better and better in football. People hates me because i bite people on the field when i play football. When I feel angry i always bite the players on the other team, haha. Sometimes i use to smoke weed with my friend Heinz Goodman.


Liverpool is a amazing city with 440 000 people. This city is famous for their exports, music (The beatles) and football teams. In 2008 Liverpool was the culturecapitol in the world. The two big football teams Liverpool and Everton are from Liverpool. The biggest and best of these two is Liverpool FC. And thats why i choose Liverpool before Everton when I signed my contract.

Problems in England

It is to many football players in Englands football league “Premier League” from other countries. The supporters means that foreign players have destroyed the English football. 80% of the players in Premier League are foreign players. I hasn’t played football in 2 months because all of the supporters stayed home because they refused to come on the matches. So the club didn’t get any money. All supporters demonstrates because they wants new rules in the football league, at least 7 english players needs to start on the pitch. If we dont do something know, i will not have money to me and my family. People are crazy in the streets, they throw apples on the FA house in London. FA is the people who decide the rules in football. I also think FA need to do somethin about this, because this can't continue. It's bad for the players that need to leave, but the whole country cant be so crazy like this.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was born 12 July 1997 in Pakistan. Malala won the Nobel peace price in 2014, because she fought for women rights in Pakistan. She have won a lot of prices for fighting against Taliban. In 2013 she won Catalonias internasjonale price and also the Sakharovprice. She is the youngest person to win the Nobel peace price. When she took the buss to the school in 2012 she was shot by a member of Taliban, only because she wanted girls in Pakistan to be safe. She wanted to give girls in Pakistan a safe life and a good education. When she was only 11 years old she started to write a blog on BBCs homepage. She wrote about her and others life under Taliban occupation. In the same year New York Times made a documentary about her life.

Martin Luther King JR

Martin was born 15 january 1929 in Atlanta in Georgia. Martin had a little brother and a big sister. He was very good at the school, so he jumped over the 9th and the 12th year on the school. He wanted to be a priest when he was young.
He was the leader for the group who fought for black people’s rights in America. He wanted equality for black people. He won the Nobel Peace prize in 1964. He is known for the famous speech “I have a dream”. He fought for black peoples rights with no violence. This was the reason why he win Nobel Peace price. He was the leader of the “Montgomery Bus Boycott”. Black people didn’t use busses on 381 days. Martin was a big fan of Gandhi so he visited the place where Gandhi were born.

Compare and contrasts

Both Martin Luther and Malala fought for people who had a tough life. Both used no violence, and I think that’s the reason why they are so famous. But Martin fought for black peoples rights and Malala fought for girls rights in Pakistan. Both fought for other and also them self. Martin was black and Malala is a girl in Pakistan, but the reason why they do is because they know how bad they have been treated, so they wanted to make a difference. Both have won the Nobel Peace price 1 time. Martin had a harder job because he need to change the whole America but Malala only needed to help the girls in Pakistan. That’s not a easy task, but Martin made a revolution. Martin was the leader of SCLC, but Malala started to work alone.

Tired of poor decisions from USA

Since the World War 2 England have been a part of NATO. Nato is the world biggest alliance. They want to make peace in the world, but sometimes I don’t think they do the right thing. It’s nice that England helps other weak countries that needs help from other countries, but I think sometimes they don’t need to listen to USA, because I think they make the wrong decision. Sometimes when NATO sends troops to other countries, the war gets worse. When they sends troops down to example Syria they will maybe never be the same persons they were, because they will see other persons die and that’s not good for a human. Maybe they didn’t need to see this happen because the troops from England didn’t need to travel to Syria. So England need to have control over their own troops so they can make their own and right decision. USA have so much power in the world. That’s very nice but I don’t think they should decide so much over countries like England. Russia also have much power but they don’t takes decisions for England. The English people don’t want to lick USAs ass anymore. If NATO is in a war with a other country who isn’t in NATO England can’t buy food, because their food need to be weak so they don’t spend it on weapons and things like that. If England need the recourses from the country then they need to buy it, but USA says that they can’t and this is not right. Example Syria if we don’t buy food from they, then the civil people in the country will die because they don’t need money. So if England wants to buy food I think they can. USA always wants war, in England we think it will be better to talk about the problems. We should not send troops to other countries only because USA wants war. In an emergency I think England need to send troops, so civil people don’t die. England should not leave NATO but they need to take more own decisions and don’t listen to USA every time.

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