Sandy Jafta

Me and my road to money


hi my name i sandy jafta. Im a boy but my parants are fu stupid so they called me Sandy. but im not so sad over it but im a lord so i have power. im rich bitch. my parants died when i was 7 years old, so i never had the chance to hate them. i have no siblings and im a loner.
I dont have a work and I really do nothing but one thing i do is loving having power. im comming from a not vey good place in the ghetto in usa. the ghetto is not always a bad place becuse its also a good place its many good people their so not have so much money. when i was living their i told myself to get rich and live a good life. now i want to help many good friends anf people there. started selling drugs in the ghetto and after some years of that i startet to get one of the biggest drug sellers i los angeles. my tought of drug selling is that is not goodbut i needed money to education. i never started whit education i startet whit music and i love that.

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