Winnie Ihimaera

Who am I


Hello. I am Winnie Ihimaera, but my friends just call me Win. I am an American soldier in Afghanistan and this is what i do for a living

September 11 2001 I found myself in the world trade center. I was there when the two towers were hit. Except a few cuts and burns I was not hurt. A year later I joined the military. I have been in Afghanistan since 2002 and i am going to be here untill the war is over or untill i get killed. It is now 2006 the war is still going on. My home now is were i am needed. my goal in life is to help were i can.


I am fighting a war for my country in another country. I can not actually tell you what needs to change in Afghanistan because the civil people in Afghanistan do not want to have a war they are running away. It is the Taliban creating a war. USA is in here to help the people, but I do not know if were helping or making I worse. I do not want kill children, but when the Taliban is creating children soldiers I have no choise. Their brainwashing people to thing war is ok. It is not we are trying everyday to win this war, but the only thing I see is more war and more people getting killed. You probably think I am going to tell you that I do not want to be in this war anymore and that I think USA should get their asses out of the war, but I’m not going to tell you that. I have this argument with myself all the time and I am just about to call it quits.When I remember the kids I have saved and the mother that cried when I brought her kids home to her. The kidnapped man that offered me his world because I saved him. There is reasons for me to get out and going back home were it is safe, but there is hundred more that tells me to stay. To fight this war and win. Because in the end it all will be worth it. I hope I do not want USA to pull out of Afghanistan I want them to expand the troops and intensify the pressure on Taliban. I want to win and bring my men safe back home and make sure that all the people back home are safe. but at the same time what id we got out of here. Maybe the Taliban would stop? i do not know.


Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is born the 12 of July in 1997 she is from Mingora in the Swat-district. Worldwide Malala is known for her fight for girl’s rights and their right to go to school. She is the youngest to receive the Nobel peace prize. A terrorist shot her in the head. Besides all odds, she survived. Her will for fighting for girls’ right only got stronger. She is now a symbol of peaceful protesting. She has published a biography called I AM MALALA were she tells her story about what happened to her.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born 18 of July 1918 in the village Mvezo. Mandela fought for black’s right on equality. He was imprisoned for it, but after 27 years in jail, he was selected to be the President. I was a victim of racism and was strongly against it. He believed that peaceful protesting was a useful method but sometimes violence was nessesery. I fought mainly against apartheid. In jail, his will to defeat apartheid only grew. In 1993, he received the Nobel peace prize.

Malala and Nelson compared to another

There is many similarities between them. They both share the same birthday month to mention. No but really, they both received the Nobel peace prize and they were both fighting for the rights of people. They both believed that peaceful protesting is useful. There is where the similarities end because Nelson believed that violence also can be useful, were Malala believes in fighting with a pen. Nelson fought for the blacks rights to equality, were Malala is fighting for girls right to an education. But then again they have similarities that they have both experienced what they are fighting against, Nelson was along with the rest of black people at that time put through racism an Malala was a victim of terrorism and her right to go to school being taken away. They are both people that is very passionate about their cause. We can only hope that these two will inspire someone. Especially Malala who is so young and has such a strong voice. They both have and is so important and we need people who is willing to go the extra mile for their case and the people it will help. Mandela made a huge difference while he lived and Malala has and will make a huge difference for girls’ education.


These are both people fighting for people’s rights. They have made big differences. Hopefully they will inspire other people to stand up for themselves and others. They are both awarded with the Noble peace prize for their fights. Malala has a different approaches to achieve what she want, then Nelson had. However they both succeeded and that shows us that there is not only one approach.

Controversial issues

USA is a kind of country that helps too much sometimes. It is good to have the power to help and being willing to help those who may need it. Because today power is everything. It is what controls the world. Without power you become weak, you become the victim, you become the one who is suppressed. More power only means more control. The US have helped at many accusations. However, some conflicts is best left alone as they are. USA comes across as a superpower country that has many soldiers and big guns and they can fix anything. It seems like they have the power to decide if a country should or should not do something. It is right that the USA has those big guns and they have founds to do something big, but just because you can, should not mean you have to do it. Examples has shown that the USA one have installed dictators, caused bombing and war. If the USA is going to play “God”, they should first solve the problems in their own country. There is plenty of people in the US already in need of help. Poverty, discrimination, racism and gun related accidents is still a big problem. Should the people paying taxes pay for the USA “saving the world” or should their money go to something in their own country that needs it. If necessary, like in extreme cases the US should step in where they can and most important were they are wanted. The USA should also think about making themselves too big of a threat to the countries that stands on the other side per-say China.

To sum up the USA should not help so much; they should take care of their own problems first, consider the consequences of standing up against other counties and the consequences for the country they help (bombing, war etc.) and only stepping in were they are wanted.

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